A Spartanburg SC Remodeling Contractor's Top Project Tips

Before taking on a remodeling project on the inside or outside of your home, its important to have a plan. Whether a big project, like a kitchen remodel or a smaller job, like a shower resurfacing - it's easy to get overwhelmed.

It helps to take a few minutes in the planning and research phase to create a game plan. Leave it us - experienced remodeling contractors serving Spartanburg, SC and the surrounding areas - to help you think through some of big (and small) details.

Find Your Vision

It's always easier to start with the end in mind. Not everyone can imagine the finished project in their minds eye. It may help to create a mood board on a website like Pinterest or with good, old fashioned, magazine clippings. If you still find yourself overwhelmed, it may help to speak with a professional.

The bigger the project, the more moving parts and details to consider. A professional design consultant not only has the benefit of experience, but they may have access to information, tools, resources, and ideas that you hadn't before considered.

While envisioning your project think through the following:

  • Colors

  • Style Type (Modern, Contemporary, Transitional, Rustic, Etc.)

  • Layout

  • Budget

Build a Budget

Budgeting is hard when you don't know how much anything costs yet. Also, a budget is a very personal thing. Everyone has different considerations to take into account. Here are a few:

  • What can you afford? If you are paying out of pocket, this is probably a big round number. However, if you are financing your project you may be more concerned with monthly payments and terms. Either way, you'll need to find a number you are comfortable with.

  • What makes sense? Not every home needs a $100,000 kitchen renovation and sometimes cutting corners can actually HURT the value of your home. For some, return on investment is more important than for others. It is important to at least consider these factors and weigh the pros and cons of budget restraints for you and your home.

  • What are your ambitions? In today's market in particular, some projects might cost more than you realize. The price of materials and labor have increased since COVID-19 put the world in a tailspin. It's important to do enough research and get multiple quotes to figure out if your budget and vision can meet in the middle.

Consider the Work Involved

DIY is often a popular decision for those trying to lower their budget. Incredibly, this approach can sometimes backfire and cost you more than you realize. Consider the following:

  • Do you have the right tools? Buying or even renting tools that you will only use once can be costly. Not to mention that you might not know how to use them well!

  • Do you have the time? More than ever, time is money and we all need to protect our family time. Without experience, projects can take days or weeks longer than you expect.

  • Do you have the experience, expertise, and talent? Don't under estimate this! Tradesmen are craftsman as well and gain a LOT of benefits through the regular use of tools, equipment, and materials.

This may sound like an endorsement for hiring a pro. (Okay, so we might be biased.) But the reality is that there are some serious, well, PROS to going with a remodeling contractor rather than doing the project yourself.

  • We have a track record! Unlike your honey, you can look at reviews for work a remodeling contractor in your area has done. You can often see pictures, even, of similar work they've done in the past.

  • Access to Suppliers and Products. There are some really great American Made products that just aren't available to consumers expect through a qualified distributor. Great examples are some of our product lines like Onyx Showers (better than tile!) and polyaspartic garage floor coating (better than epoxy!). Simply put, you'll get better quality materials through a professional than you will buying items on your own.

  • Risk Protection. When a licensed and bonded local remodeling contractor is working in your home, they have lots of insurance policies in place to protect you and your property. In fact, some home insurance policies require certain structural and mechanical projects to be completed by a professional or they may not cover claims that result from improvement projects gone wrong. Yikes!

  • Financing. Most reputable remodeling contractors provide a financing option which can provide much better terms than a credit card.

Talk about a Timeline

It's never a good time to tear your house apart! But when planning a project think through the timeline of start to completion. Remember to build in time for oopsies, issues, and slow-downs. A few considerations:

  • Order your materials (and get them delivered!) before you start demo. Don't tear anything up until you know for sure that the items are in hand - and are correct!

  • Inspect after demo. Once the items being replaced are removed, there should be an inspection of the underlying structure. Don't put lipstick on a pig! Structural rot, soft wood, bad plumbing, and more can cause all that hard work and expensive remodeling goals to go out the window down the road if you don't take care of them while they are exposed. This may add time and money to your project but are essential for a good remodeling investment.

  • Installation isn't the last step. Once everything is installed, the paint is on the walls, etc. it's tempting to consider the job done. But in reality, there are two more important steps: punch lists and cleanup! A punch list means taking a close and critical look at the work and making sure everything is PERFECT before you sign off that the job is complete. Finally, cleanup is a tiring and tedious last step but all the construction debris should be completely removed and disposed of appropriately. Don't forget to take pictures while everything is shiny! It's easy to forget about these time sucking final steps.

Final Tips

If you spend a lot of time in your home, you might be antsy for a fresh space. A home remodeling project for your Spartanburg, SC home can be rewarding and quit a good investment.

Before you start, get a free design consultation and quote from a qualified Spartanburg, SC remodeling contractor like Surface Bella. That's our favorite tip of all!

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